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Welcome to my Website !!!

I got the inspiration to develop this website whenever i surf the internet for any information whether its about a needle or nano technology.

My search had always ended positive with the relevant and appropriate information and had always been an eye opener for whatever topic i search.

A frequent internet surfer who had got benefited from this wonderful web community, its always my dream to serve the internet community with something which is possible from my end.

The idea of developing this blog came to my mind when i started receiving very good feedback and response for the emails that i shared with my friends and colleagues.

I had felt that blog will be the better and next phase of my information sharing with my friends, colleagues and with the internet community.

Its just a humble beginning, to share my experience that i had gathered over the years in various fields related to computers, software, hardware, internet, music, art, technology and whatever you name it.


Founder of Legend IT Solutions

If some piece of information what i post here in this blog is of any help to any internet user who is surfing the internet, the purpose of this website will be achieved.

I had taken much care in publishing the information in this website, in not offending anyone’s belief or giving a wrong idea or wrong information to the world.

If you find any information which is incorrect or offensive to anyone’s belief please do email me. I will sincerely apologize for that post and make sure it is removed at the earliest possible time.

If you find any information in this website helpful, please do write a few lines which will be a great inspiration to me in posting more and more on those topics.

In case you fee like you would be able to contribute some information please do mail me at

Please do not forget to email your valuable comments and suggestions.

Ansary M.Y