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10 Coolest Clocks

Fruit-Powered Clock

A digital clock and calendar powered by food! The Fruit-powered Clock ($15.99) combines micro-electronic technology with the natural electrical potential of a fresh fruit or vegetable. The clock uses the original scientific principles on which all modern electrical storage batteries are based. Just add a fresh orange, apple, lemon, lime, pear, banana, or any another convenient fruit or vegetable to the supplied components in this kit and you have the perfect synthesis of nature’s own electrical power resource and the accuracy of a digital clock.

Digital Clock T-Shirt

Powered by 4 x AAA batteries, this Digital Clock T-Shirt ($24.99) utilizes an electro-luminescent panel in front to display the time. The batteries –hidden inside a compartment– will last between 12 – 36 hours depending on the flashing mode selected. Just like a standard digital clock it flash per second for keeping time, or while acting as a stop watch. Cool!

Water-Powered Clock

The epitome of a green gadget, the Water-Powered Clock ($39.99) is actually powered by the very salt and water mixture that occupies 70% of the earth’s surface. Without the need for batteries, the Eco-Friendly clock keeps perfect time as electrodes harvest energy from the water. All you have to do to make the clock run is fill its tank up with tap water and depending on the particles that are in your water system you may need to add a small amount of table salt. All that is required is changing or adding water and a dash of salt every 2 to 3 weeks. And the clock even remembers the time as you change the water!

Table Book Clock

The Table Book Clock ($29.99) proves that not all fancy gadgets have to be obvious. This one masquerades as a set of books on a shelf. Fascinating design decision, don’t you think?

Math Clock

Can you feel your heart beat faster? Are your hands sweaty? Relax, this is just a clock! The Math Clock ($32.99) makes you solve the problem at ‘hand’ (quite literally) to determine the time. By day 2 you should be ready for advanced calculus.

Dali’s Clock

Meet the Dali Inspired Clock ($44.99). Inspired by Salvador Dali’s famous melting clock from The Persistance of Memory, this tormented timepiece is sure to become a good conversation piece; it’s the most surreal wall clock you’ll ever own.

Pizza Clock

With this Pizza Clock ($24.95) it’s always time for everyone’s favorite food. Ideal for any kitchen, dinning hall, pizza store, restaurant or Ninja Turtles’ home.

Whatever Clock

Score one for apathy. The Whatever Wall Clock ($21.99) is a clock for people who really don’t care what time it is. Get lost in time with this creative clock, individually hand-painted and lead free.

Sushi Clock

Hungry? The Sushi Clock ($29.95) features different kinds of sushi served on a black plate, marking each hour with two chop stick hands. Have a delicious time.

Pool Rack Clock

Get this Pool Rack Clock ($26.91): the triangle mimics a pool rack frames the clock, while a simulated green pool table felt backs the clock. Numbered pool balls represent the hours of the day. Cool as in beer.

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