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Biggest Animals in the World

The Bull with the Largest Horn in the World
Lurch was born on in Missouri , USA and is currently known as the bull
with the largest horn in the world, measuring in at 37.5 inches (95.25 cm) wide.

Worlds Biggest Dog
Hercules, an English Mastiff is currently known as the biggest dog in the
Guinness Book of World Records, weighing in at 294 lbs (133 kg).

Biggest Freshwater Fish Ever Caught
The official world record for the biggest freshwater fish ever caught is the
Giant Mekong catfish. This huge catfish was caught in Thailand in May
2005 and is measures in at 9 feet (2.7 m) long, weighed 646 lbs (293 kg),
and is 5 times bigger than the ‘world record’ catfish caught in North

Biggest Housecat in the World
Believe it or not this image was not a result of photoshopped.

Biggest Lobster Ever Caught
A group of scientists has found what may be the worlds largest lobster
ever captured. Current measurement is 19 inches (50 cm) long.

Worlds Biggest Pig
This 1984 lbs (900 kg) was found in the Liaoning Provincial, China .
Unfortunately the pig past away on Feb 5th, 2009, but left behind records
of 94 in (2.5 m) long, waistline of 87 in (2.23 m), and a tusk of 5.6 in
(14.4 cm) long.

Giant Mutant Cows of Belgium
This enormous Belgian cow got its huge size and muscle mass from
natural mutation of the gene or sometimes called double muscling,
which results in accelerated lean muscle growth.

Largest Crab
According to wikipedia, the coconut crab, Birgus latro, is the largest
land-living arthropod in the world. The coconut crab has body length of
up to 16 in (40 cm), weight 9 lbs (4.1 kg), and a leg span of more than 3
ft (91 cm), with males generally being larger than females.

Worlds Largest Rabbit
Try pulling a rabbit as large as this out of a hat. This gigantic rabbit
weighs 17 lbs (7.7 kg), has ears measuring at 8.2 in (21 cm), and is
almost 3.2 feet (1 m) tall. Herman could easily be the worlds biggest
rabbit, but Guinness World Records have stopped accepting entries
because of fears people were over-feeding their pets.

Worlds Largest Snakes Ever
Caught in Indonesia , this huge Python is measured in at 48 ft (14.85 m) long and weight 985 lbs (447 kg).

Largest Wildcat in the World
The largest wild cat in the world is a liger, also known as a hybrid cross
between a male lion and a female tiger. Similar to the English Mastiff, this
huge liger is also named Hercules and is recognized by the Guiness Book
of World Records as the largest cat on Earth, weighing in at 900 lbs (408

World Longest Goldfish
The worlds longest goldfish (Carassius auratus) is owned by Joris
Gijsbers in Hapert, The Netherlands. The fish is measured 18.7 in (47.4 cm) from snout to tail-fin end.

Worlds Tallest Dog
Certified by the Guiness Book of World Records, Gibson is currently the
world’s tallest living dog. He measures in at 180 lbs (81 kg), 3.5 ft (107
cm) tall, and is more then 7 feet (2.1 m) tall when standing up.

Tallest Living Horse
Radar, a Belgian draught horse from Mount Pleasant , Texas is officially
the World’s Tallest Living Horse. [via worldsmostunique]
Belgian Draft horse gelding
Born in 1998 in Iowa , USA
19 Hands 3-1/2 inches tall (6 7-1/2)
Weighs over 2,400 pounds (1,088 kg)
Eats 18lbs. of grain, 40lbs. of hay each day
Drinks 20 gallons of water each day


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