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China launches the world’s fastest ‘high-speed train’

China launches the world’s fastest ‘high-speed train’ which is faster than ‘bullet train’ (fastest train till now).

This fastest train running from Wuhan in Central China to Guangzhou in the south covers a distance of about 663miles i.e., approx. 1068 km and runs at a

speed of 217 mph i.e., 350 km/h is the fastest by any train till date in the world. This new train helps the passengers in reducing time consumption as it

cuts the travel time between these cities from six hours to two hours and forty five minutes.

The other world’s fastest trains are France’s high-speed rail runs at an average of 277 km/h, Japan’s at 243 km/h and Germany’s at 232 km/h. However the new

China’s high-speed crosses all these speeds by running at 350 km/h at an average.