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Eating Dark Chocolates Aids In Relief Of Stress

‘Stress’ cannot be explained in single word as it is related to an interaction between body and the mind. It is a kind of non specific reaction to any unfavorable situations from out side. Due to these prolonged disturbances the body ultimately refuses to take up any additional work.

Therefore we can say that stress results when the relationship between the body and the mind is disturbed. In day to day life we experience stress due to various reasons like

  • Over work in the office.
  • Unfavorable situations in the office or home.
  • Sudden loss of dear ones.
  • Disturbances due to severe sound pollutions.
  • Quarrels.

All these factors cause severe stress and if it is prolonged may lead to hypertension, acidity, gastric problems, arthritis and may even lead to depression.

To manage the stress the individual has to eliminate the disturbing factors and also take up the following – Exercise, Yoga, Meditation, Relaxing Exercises, Hearing to music and reading some intersting books.

An interesting research made by Sunil Kochhar and colleagues revealed that consuming about 40 gms of Dark Chocolates a day for about two weeks reduced the stress by modifying the production of stress related hormones in the body. Online in ACS’ Journal of Proteome Research published that eating chocolates modified the biochemical reactions in the body and corrected the imbalances.


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