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Most people think of the word Ego and think that it means your “arrogant” or you think that you are “better than others”.

Is that truly the definition of Ego?  Is that the only example of Ego ?

Absolutely not.

Ego is an invisible shield planted around yourself to protect yourself from the outside world.

Ego shows up in all sorts of ways.

Ego is being “shy” and not wanting to talk to people.

Ego is fear of what others might think of you.

Ego is self critical and refuses to accept compliments.

Ego is a lack of trust for people because your trust has been violated.

Ego is living inside of a comfort zone, because you are afraid of failing.

Ego is thinking that everything you do is perfect or striving for perfection.

Ego is taking the credit when it doesn’t belong to you or not liking it when someone else gets credit.

Ego is giving up on the persistence God implanted in you.

Ego is being closed minded.

Ego is not allowing yourself to learn and grow for fear of the responsibility that comes with that.

Ego is not forgiving because you feel justified in your anger.

Ego chooses to take offense to what others say or do.

Ego is self righteous and critical.

Ego is false humility.

Ego is oppression and not wanting to move past the past.

Ego is having to be in control of everything.

Ego is thinking nobody can do it better than you.

Ego is an inability to admit you need help.

The Ego needs to “keep up with the Jones”.

Ego needs to appear like everything is perfect when it isn’t.

Ego is a victim.

Ego is pride.

These are only few examples of Ego. We all comfortably wear our Ego. We just need to make the choice daily to take the invisible shield off and be the true person God intended for us to be. He is in control, he knows our path, he is ready to take on ALL road bumps in our path. If we hand over complete control to

God and not try to live it alone, our Ego will safely be left outside the doorway of our life.

In short, Ego is Edging God Out.

There is only one happiness in life,

To Love and be Loved



Source : Natarajan – Kuwait


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