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Home Remedies for Viral Fever, Natural Treatment

At the time of rainy season, an appropriate viral symptom grabs the human being. These signs incorporate irritation in the eyes, sore throat, loose motions, cough, and fever. It may disappear itself within a week time. It is not necessary to opt for antibiotic treatment; instead it can make the condition worse. A condition caused by body pain and fever signifies a viral fever. It can be identified only by blood tests and urine tests.

Other symptoms of viral fever are upset stomach, diarrhea, vomiting. When we notice that the temperature of the body is hundred to hundred one Fahrenheit, it is an affirmative symptom that it is fighting against the infection, although a fever more than the above mentioned temperature may bring the condition to severe. Excess temperature may also put an end to life.

Viral fever takes place due to loss of water in a considerable amount, which occurs because of sweating. To reimburse for this considerable amount of water, the person who is suffering from fever must drink plenty of water and other liquids. If there occurs a high temperature, one can easily minimize it by boiling the powder of dry, baked fenugreek seeds. Add a drop of butter before drinking it.

Another natural remedy is to put a cold wet pressure on the forehead to get control over the temperature. In this situation, body needs more amount of fuel. Consuming hot and soft food would help the victim to boost up the immune system of the body and fight against the infection. It also helps in reducing body aches.

Foods that are advisable incorporate steamed or boiled vegetables, yogurt, honey, and vegetable soups. Fresh fruits or the extract of these fruits can also be consumed to treat viral fever rapidly. Napping for several hours accompanied with cool baths minimizes the time of recovery.

Natural Home Remedies for Viral Fever

The natural remedies that can be tried at home to treat viral fever are given below.

1. Consume more amounts of liquids except for milk. In situations of Diarrhea, remember not to consume extract of fruits, salads and raw food.

2. Eat raw garlic and onions in the form of soup. These are widely used home remedies for treating viral fever.

3. Consume a mixture consisting of three teaspoon of honey, two teaspoon of fresh lime juice and a teaspoon of ginger juice or brandy. This mixture should be prepared and consumed daily. Take at least four times throughout the day.

4. Lime juice is a source of vitamin C that increases the resistance and minimizes the toxicity and reduces the possibility of illness. Consumption of honey rapidly sucks and provides immediate energy.

5. Another useful home remedy for viral fever is basil. The extract of tulsi (holy basil) added with honey and ginger can be fruitful for cold, cough and fever.

6. In the situation of diarrhea, add a pinch of black pepper in the tea.

7. Warm orange juice is healthy if drunk in fever. As it boosts up the energy level, improves the urine output and aids in washing out the toxins from the body with no artificial treatment.

Source : Sridevi – Chennai


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