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How does a Mobile Phone Vibrates?

Now a days, mobile phone is one of the most essential things in our daily lives. Cell phone usage has been increasing in the world day by day and till date, half of the people in the world are using mobiles, in which many of the people even doesn’t think about of how vibrations occur in their phones.

Mobile phones have a flat miniature motors inside with weights attached to them. When this miniature motor rotates, the rotating uneven weight causes the mobile to vibrate. A similar mechanism is also present in gaming devices such as the play station.

When a mobile phone rings, the firmware sends instructions to the motor and automatically gets started and spins the weight, because of this spinning inside a little box, vibration is caused.

If user disabled the vibrating feature on a mobile then, when the phone rings, the firmware doesn’t give any permissions to motor that does not start and user do not have any vibrations in the phone.

Source : Desicolours


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