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How to prevent ourselves from Snake Bite?

Snakes are harmless creatures as long as we do not harm them. When we try to go close to them, they bite us only to protect themselves thinking that they are in danger. Only those who know the psychology of snakes will deal with them, otherwise, the far we stay the better it is.

Snake charmers in India catch the snakes from forests for their daily living. They then train the snakes to dance to the tune they blow with their pipes. Later they go from town to town to earn their bread by entertaining the public. Even knowing how to deal with snakes, hundreds of snake charmers still die every year due to snake bites.

How to protect us from snake bite?

In order to prevent from snake bites, we have to stay away from tall grass, thick bushes, big rocks, large wooden logs and so on. It’s advisable to wear a thick leather jacket and boots while climbing the rocks or trees. Be alert and cautious while in the dark. Do not try to put your hands or feet in any holes or out of areas you cannot see.

What to do after a snake bite?

Do not panic, because panic will increase the heart rate and also the blood flow, in result creates the feeling of shock. So it’s better to comfort the person whom the snake had bitten. The part which is bitten swells, so to keep that part free from accessories like jewellery and watches and by removing the tight clothes. Tie a cloth above and below the bitten part with loosening as required. A mechanical suction is needed along with cold compression and application of antiseptic medicine. If it’s a hand, do not elevate it.


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