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Income Tax Department of India – Fake Website – Be aware !!!

I would like to share some information about e-Tax Refund.

Yesterday,  I could find an email in my inbox from Income Tax Department of India – Tax Refund. I was just surprised to see this email asking for my bank accounts & Card details with ATM PIN.

For your Information, the intimation emails cannot be sent from any of government websites to any particular person.

Later, I could find this email was Fake & the source of this email was from outside INDIA.

Please Beware !!! before filing the Income Tax Returns online

This was the email !!!

This was the website, I was directed to, after following the link

In the Tax Refund Online Form – all fields were compulsory to be filled – like card number, bank account details, Credit card CVV number & ATM PIN etc

See the web address

This is the Official website Income Tax Deaprtment of India, see the difference

Please share this info with your all your contacts.

Source : Ravikumar – Singapore


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