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Painting on Leaves

We have seen Feather Painting & now we have Painting on Leaves for you !!!

This is leaf art, a delicate work of art from India. This beautiful art originated in the southern India (Kerala). Its done on dry Peepal (Ficus religiosa) leaves.
Its one of the oldest form of art, which shows the creativity & perfection of the artists. Though now only a few artists throughout the world are left who practice this leaf art.
So how do we create it?
If you are among those who can hold the brush & create some artistic stuff you are half way through.
My hubby made & presented me a painting on very such leaf during our courtship in our college days & its way back then (about ten years) that I knew about paintings on Peepal leaf for the first time & how its done.
Place a few leaves in a bowl full of water for a month or so. But do remember to check it once every few days to see the condition of the leaves. The purpose of soaking the leaves is to remove the outer layer of the leaves. After being in water for long, the leaves get a film over them, which you need to clean by washing it off or use a brush periodically. And do remember to change the water with a fresh one periodically. And one other thing patience is a virtue along with fragile handling here.
Once the outer skin is lost, it leaves behind a beautiful bony structure, usually off-white in color.
Now dry it for a day & you got a leaf to paint on. What’s that you are waiting for now, pick up your brushes get to work!


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