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Tips To Protect Your Touch Screen Devices

Touch screen mobile are both input and output device as they receive and display fast information. Touch screen devices are always very sensitive to the substances like dust particles, Oil and Grease so proper cleaning and maintenance is of utmost importance to increase its performance and prolong its life.

  • Clean the display only after switching off the device.
  • Avoid cleaning with strong chemicals.
  • Standard glass cleaners can be used for cleaning the touch screen
  • Don’t use the solutions which contains Ammonia.
  • Don’t spray the solution directly on the screen. Always apply the solution with a soft microfiber cloth or soft cloth.
  • Try to avoid using touch screens in dusty environment
  • Always use touch screen devices with clean fingers.
  • Don’t apply more pressure on the screen, which can damage the display.
  • Don’t use touch screen devices on direct sunlight.
  • Always Better to cover screen guards which protect screen from dust and scratches
  • Always try to use the stylus for prolonged operations.


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