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Typical Overloaded Bikes On A City Street In China

In China, bikes are everywhere! In cities too large and congested to get everything where it needs to go in transit vans or HGVs, bikes are the main means of transport. From tires to rubbish, nothing is too heavy or too big to fit on a bike, you just need the right amount of rope. I’ve seen numerous photo series of heavy bike loads before but this series from Alain Delorme certainly takes the cake. I’d go as far as to say that I sorta don’t even believe these are real because they are so unbelievable but I’m willing to suspend my disbelief and just enjoy them for what they are – compelling images.

Alain Delorme, French photographer living and working in Paris, has created a stunning, and quite frankly, brilliant series of photographs that picture Chinese people in their every day lives hauling their products to the markets. These guys literally haul hundreds of kilos worth of merchandise on their tricycle to earn their living. I feel like lending a hand, but I would probably just mess things up since I am sure there is some invaluable skills needed during the process of stacking and biking these things. You got to give it to them, they certainly know how to be environmentally friendly. I mean, at least they are not using their cars and trucks.


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