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‘Asphaltfighters STORMBRINGER’ – World’s Fastest Motor Bike?

At the Essen Motor Show this year, the world’s fastest street motorcycle named Asphaltfighters Stormbringer is launched. The motorcycle is built in small-series production by a German Manufacturer WARM UP. It weighs around 429 pounds fully fueled which comes in semi-gloss black/orange.

As the name suggests the motorcycle claims top speed of 199mph i.e., 320 km/h and even more than this. It gains an acceleration of 0-100 km/h in just 2.9 seconds, while 0-200km/h in 6.5 seconds and 0-300km/h in only 13.9seconds with the help of 1,000-cc four-cylinder four-valve engine with rated power output of 220 hp/ 161.9 KW at 13,500rpm which thereby can be increased to 280 hp / 206 kW in booster mode for a short period of time when the bike is running at about 180 km/h speed.

The motorcycle also include modern features like backup camera system that avoids the use of conventional rearview mirrors, the lighting system with LED daytime running lights, a powerful Xenon headlamp that deals both high and low beam. The current speed of the bike is projected on to a windscreen with the help of a head-up display. It even has 10-stage traction control system and Akrapovic exhaust and runs on 17-inch alloy wheels from OZ, shodden with Bridgestone’s Battlax BT-016 tyres.

The Asphaltfighters Stormbringer world’s fastest street motorcycle will be available for € 57,500 i.e., US $86,000(approx.). For the above price rider will even be getting a Kelvar helmet, leather suit and a carbon-fiber to meet the high speeds that the motorcycle will reach.

Asphaltfighters STORMBRINGER ZX10R

Asphaltfighters STORMBRINGER ZX10R

Source : Asphaltfighters Stormbringer


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